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Our Companions

Our team of passionate companions provide seniors with the necessary companionship to help them age-in-place in the community.


All our companions are specially screened and trained to provide the best possible companionship experience for your loved ones.

Many elderly folks
feel lonely at home
and sometimes
just need to
talk to someone.
Some elderly do
not like the idea of having a maid due
to communication problems.

But this will be less of
an issue for us as we
can speak their dialect.

Communication Skills

Our companions are empathetic and use a person-centered care approach to communicate effectively with seniors.

Management Skills

Our companions are equipped with the knowledge to understand and manage seniors living with depression, anxiety, and/or dementia.

Meticulous Matching

Our companions are carefully matched based on seniors' requirements and location in order to ensure the best service is provided.

Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Those who walked before us have given so much and

made possible the life we all enjoy.

- John Hoeven

Interested in becoming a companion?

5 Upper Boon Keng Road

#02-10 Singapore 380005

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